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Trace Your Ancestors?

Location : Meerut-Agra-Jhansi-Lucknow-Varanasi
Duration : 6-7 days

Trace Your Ancestors​

Our’s is a small Endeavour to cater to the needs of those European Tourist whose ancestors used to live in India during the Raj days and heaved their last sigh on Indian soil and subsequently were buried in different parts of Indian. Many British, Dutch German, Portuguese, Armenians or French Families who want to visit India and if any of their ancestors were related to India (Either working here or died), if such families intend to pay a tribute to their ancestors can contact us, they can give us some clues and our experienced team is going to work hard to find more information about their working places or cemeteries. Accordingly we are going to customize your trip to India. We would keep in mind to cater to your basic need and linking some places of tourist attractions as well.

India was a jewel in the crown of British crown. Europeans lived and worked in India, an estimated two million of them are buried in the Indian soil. These cemeteries where the Europeans are buried are present  through out India. Some of the very important cemeteries are present in cities like Jhansi, Agra, Meerut, Kolkata, Delhi etc. If you come to India to Trace Your Ancestors​ our motive is to help you in this process.